We provide captioning and encoding to most taped formats, including video, DVD and DVCam.

Revolutionary e-Captioning workflows make this possible via e-mail, without the hassle and expense of mailing tapes back and forth.

Upload your videos to an FTP site; we'll e-mail back files just for your workflow. We make captioning easy for our customers. We give you complete control over your project without requiring you to mail tape or lose quality due to generation loss.



What is Subtitling?

Subtitling is text that typically contains only a transcription of the dialogue. Often, subtitles are burned into the video so they can't be turned off, although on a DVD or Blu-ray this option is available. Subtitles vary in appearance and have more fonts and colors available than captions.

Subtitling is used when the source language (original narration) is in a second language that differs from the target audience's first language. In our multi-lingual nation, subtitling is often used by national broadcasting to reach a broader audience. Since the ability to turn closed captions on and off is sometimes difficult (or impossible) to implement, open captions or subtitles are sometimes burned into the image so they are always visible.

Our software is an advanced subtitle creation and export tool as well.



Real-Time Ready Captions can close caption your next web video. Webcast for YouTube Video: If you use RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, or QuickTime, we can provide accurate, synchronous captions that enhance the viewer's experience. Send us your digital file online in any of the major digital formats. We'll create a caption file in pop-on style and show you how to incorporate this into your webcast video. Our optimized captioning software offers professional captioning workflows that require speed and flexibility. This includes a variety of captioning format exports that are compatible with any kind of video.

Web formats we can export for you: QuickTime (mov, smil/txt)
iTunes / iPod / iPhone (m4v)
Windows Media Player (sami/asx)
Microsoft Silverlight (xml)
Adobe Flash (Timed Text xml, cue points xml)
Captionate Flash (xml)
YouTube and Google Video
RIT Flash (xml)
JW Flash Player (Timed Text xml)
Hulu (smi)
YouTube (srt)



Do you need a video uploaded to YouTube with captions? We understand you've spent the time, money, and energy producing your video; now, employ us to produce quality, superior captions for your video. Real-Time Ready Captions has you covered!

With the enactment of the 21st Century Video and Communications Accessibility Act, which was implemented in March 2011, television programming must now be available with closed-captioning when delivered over the internet.

Real-Time Ready Captions can help by quickly converting your TV closed-captioning file or tape to the .SRT format that is native to YouTube.