When it comes to captions, we're dedicated to capturing what can't be heard, so you don't ever miss a word.

We are committed to providing quality access for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing in every arena – from education to the workplace, from conferences to media, from live events to theatrical performances.

Real-Time Ready Captions has over seven years of experience in live closed-captioning. We are adept at handling various genres of television programming such as news, sports, religious programming, public education, city council, documentaries, primetime series, movies, and network programming. You name it, we've captioned it, and we guarantee high quality, fast-paced captions with a MINIMUM accuracy rate of 98.5%.

As a catalyst in providing Universal Access, you can trust us for complete, high quality, reliable, ADA-compliant, off-line captioning services.
The 21st Century Video and Communications Accessibility Act of 2010 expands the requirement for closed captioning for web video and requires all TV broadcasted programs delivered over the internet to be closed-captioned.

We're here to help when your business or organization is required to be caption- compliant. We provide personable and efficient assistance throughout the process.
Does your project need captions yesterday? No worries! We provide rush services that are completed in a New York minute, keeping you on top of the "captioning game." Hire the professionals to provide high-quality, easily readable, accurate captions to your video content.
We provide post-production offline captioning for all types of prerecorded programming, including YouTube and Flash Player videos. Captions can be either pop-up or roll-up style.

Starting off in the industry as On-site CART Providers, through training and experience we are at the forefront of this excellent service by introducing Remote CART to our clients and end-users. We stay abreast with the latest technological advances, employing the latest in modern-technology, in order to offer an invaluable tool for those who are hearing impaired. It has been a pleasure to accommodate students in colleges and universities through their educational studies, watch them thrive and graduate with their desired degrees.

IT Services is an important part of our commitment to our customer service
through delivery and support of innovative uses of technology. We provide
collaborative tools, consultation computing, and user support of most video
editing/captioning softwares.


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