"Ariana is absolutely great to work with. She is very nice and always seems to be in a good mood. If we ever are experiencing technical difficulties, she is a great problem solver and will do whatever it takes to find a solution. Ariana is very talented and takes pride in her work. It is a privilege to have her caption our baseball games, and I couldn't have chosen anyone better to work alongside (or over the phone)"
- Jared Haukap; St. Louis Cardinals


"Here are the words the come to mind when I think of my experiences with you: Professional, client centered, detail oriented, kind, punctual, honest...just some of my thoughts on ya!"
- T.J. DiGrazia, Operations Manager
ACS - Alternate Communication Services


"Ariana is an energetic young woman, full of enthusiasm for the court reporting/captioning profession. She has spoken to students at St. Louis Community College several times. Her excitement for this profession motivates my students every time!"
- Patricia L. (Patti) Ziegler, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor and IRT Program Coordinator
St. Louis Community College-Meramec


"Real-Time Ready Captions is professional, extremely flexible, easy to work with, and highly reliable. Students have had positive responses to the ease of use of the remote system."
- The Staff of the Disability Resource Center at UCSC


"Please don't hire Ariana, because I'd rather not share her with other companies. She's fun to work with, has a great attitude, has been very flexible with her time, and has covered a variety of shows for us. You wouldn't like her."
- Matt Offerman
Realtime Coordinator


"Ariana is a very pro-active captioner, who has demonstrated the ability to learn new software systems in providing closed captioning services. All of my dealings with her have demonstrated how professional she is and that she is very much of a self-starter, communicates clearly and follows through.

I recommend Ariana! "
- Suzanne Kelly, January 15, 2011
Certified Broadcast Captioner, Independent Broadcast Captioner


"Ariana is a very hard worker with great skill. I can rely on her for a job well done. She is very easy to work with and brings creative ideas and professionalism to our team." December 24, 2010"

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Karen Franco, owner of One Stop Verbatim
hired Ariana as a Real-time Captioning in 2010, and hired Ariana more than once


"CART and captioning is an industry with many variables. Ariana is a constant! Her work is professional and of the highest quality. Ariana is a good choice."

Phil Hyssong
ACS – Alternate Communication Services


"Ariana is very results oriented. She implemented a calendaring system to assure work was posted for all to see. She accepts CART and captioning assignments on short notice and fulfills the job requirements. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value,” 
Patti White
Owner of Good Sport Captioning


"Thank you so much for your help on our recent project. Your dedication to completing the task on time and your diligence in getting it done right were truly appreciated. You're a valuable resource and your staff was a pleasure to work with."
- Perfect Pages LLC


The following is a student's response from a survey that we generally give to all students who use our services.

"I feel satisfied with the overall quality and student service remote captioning provided. It really helped me so much in catching any information that I might have missed, and not know it. On a scale from one to ten, I would rate this program 10+. Looking into my educational future, I feel that remote captioning is the most appropriate service available for me to become more confident, skilled, and independent. I can rely more on myself and not on others. Thank you so much. I look forward to using remote captioning with you again."
- Student